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We focused on indoor air quality long before the Coronavirus and will continue to do so after it passes. Of course, we are taking the public health crisis seriously and taking extra precautions at this time. As a general practice, we have long prided ourselves on our care when entering your homes and have long offered accommodations for clients with health limitations. Our employees wear booties when entering your home and regularly wash and sanitize their hands. All have increased these practices as advised by public health professionals and we trust our customers are doing the same.

When it comes to products that we offer, there are several that will improve the air quality in your home and are known to kill other viruses and bacteria.

Three Ways of Transmitting Infection

There is no one singular way to prevent the virus because there are three ways of contracting the virus. The most major being large droplet transfer due to being close proximity to others when they cough or sneeze. There is no home product to remedy that—and that is the big reason Governor Mike DeWine has made the decision to prohibit large gatherings and close schools.

The second way this virus is spreading is via intermediate surfaces. Say that I sneeze on my hand and then I open a door. The next person to open that door may come in contact with it and then eat or rub their eyes and become infected. This is why washing your hands and avoiding touching your face or putting your hands in your mouth or nose is critical to prevention.

The third way is the way that a HVAC professional can assist in preventative measures and that is through airborne transmission. Before getting into how our company helps, let us quote Bahnfleth, a professor of architectural engineering at the Pennsylvania State University and founding director of Indoor Environment Center:

“…there’s also the potential for airborne transmission,” Bahnfleth said. “And if viruses that are viable are in those droplets that you’re producing, some of them will be small enough that they will stay airborne for a long time. So, it’s not impossible that infectious particles in the air could stay aloft long enough to be collected, say at the return grille of an HVAC system, go through a duct, and infect someone in a different space.”

Filters and UV Offer Peace of Mind and Prevention

Just as we discussed in a recent posting about air quality in your home, filters are an affordable option to provide peace of mind and where they fall short, UV is there to compliment them nicely. Bahnfleth articulates:

“Contractors are now learning that filters are designed to capture larger particulates in the air … [while] surface ultraviolet disinfection and airstream UV disinfection are effective at inactivating pathogens,” he said. “UV germicidal systems have also been shown to reduce microbial load and pathogens that are found within the HVAC system and drain pan that would otherwise be introduced and distributed throughout the envelope of the building.”

While we cannot promise that our products will prevent you from Coronavirus, we can assure you that using proper filters in conjunction with UV is a way to prevent airborne transmission of viruses. Medical facilities rely on state of the art HVAC systems for these reasons and with changes in the market, making these types of filtration and UV technology available to everyday consumers has been a game changer.

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