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Study after study has found the importance of proper humidity in combatting the spread of infection. One pediatric oncologist at a major teaching hospital sought to understand why so many of her young patients came down with infections such as the flu in spite of detailed efforts by staff to prevent. After isolating factors such as cleaning procedures, the number of visitors, hygiene, and fragility of the patients all had modest influence.

Higher infection rates were strongly associated with low relative humidity. “When we dry the air out, droplets and skin flakes carrying viruses and bacteria are launched into the air, traveling far and over long periods of time. The microbes that survive this launching tend to be the ones that cause healthcare-associated infections,” said Taylor. “Even worse, in addition to this increased exposure to infectious particles, the dry air also harms our natural immune barriers which protect us from infections.”

It is recommended that your humidity be 40%-60%. While it takes an average of 17-years to adopt medical practices, doctors are taking note of research now as humidifiers are an affordable way to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

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Humidifier Options


While we service and repair all makes and models, the primary manufacturer we recommend to our customers is Aprilaire® for their superior quality, reliability, and experience. 


Whole-Home Solutions


With Aprilaire® Whole-Home Humidifiers you can control the humidity throughout your home for a premium experience. When paired with a WIFI Thermostat, you can control the humidity levels remotely, in addition to the temperature and more. Be sure to ask a Sal’s representative about the many ways technology can help you manage your home: even when you are not there!

Whole-Home Humidification vs Room Humidifier


If the air is dry in one room of your home, chances are that it is dry in other areas and that is why whole-home humidification is superior to room humidifiers. In fact, there are several advantages to a whole-home humidifier


  • Less Maintenance: with a whole-home system you only change the water panel seasonally compared to daily with a room humidifer. Furthermore, if you’re using humidity to assist with bactera or infection, the standing water in a room unit can post a health risk on its own.
  • No Clutter: with a whole-home humidifier, out-of-sight, out-of-mind rule applies. Whole-home units are added to your central heating and cooling system instead of taking up space in multiple rooms in the house.
  • Quiet Operation:Room humidifiers use their own fan which can be noisy, especially compared to a whole-home unit that utilizes the furnace fan to circulate air throughout the home.
  • Energy Efficiency:A room humidifier may use more energy to humidify a single room than a whole-home unit uses to control humidity in the whole home.