877-440-HVAC (4822)

If you are experiencing an HVAC or plumbing emergency in Northeast Ohio, call 440-582-4748. If you smell gas, exit the home and call your local fire department.

The winter storm over the holiday had our telephones lighting up. Many Ohioans encountered HVAC emergencies during the winter storm. in high-demand emergency scenarios like this past weekend, our technicians and customer service professionals work diligently to coordinate prompt service. No heat in below-freezing temperatures is dangerous and companies like ours must prioritize whom we service based on severity and in-home risk. For example, homes with elderly and infants may take precedence.

Be Patient, We Will Get to You ASAP

After you call Sal’s Heating & Cooling, Plumbing & Sewer, sit tight. Customers are understandably panicked and uncomfortable in these emergency situations. It is important to remember that our staff is doing their best to help you and others in these situations. When we are fully staffed it can be challenging to get to everyone. After hours and holidays in conjunction with a storm could mean we cannot answer every call. You may have to leave a message. We do our best to prioritize by emergency. We all understand the frustration and urgency in an emergency HVAC, plumbing, or sewer situation. We will get to your home or business as soon as possible in an emergency.

No Heat?

If you have no heat coming from your furnace in below-freezing temperatures with high winds, it is an urgent situation. First, check your thermostat. Second, check your circuit breaker or the furnace. Third, check your filter. There are some possible other causes, click here to learn about 4 things to try when you have no heat coming from your furnace.


In situations when you are without power, your HVAC systems may start functioning properly once the power returns. More customers are preventing heat loss in absence of power by investing in a whole-home generator. Whole-home generators can supply power to your critical systems in the event of power loss.

Call Now

We have live reps available 24/7 to take your call. Remember, during storms that wait times may be longer than usual due to high call volume: especially on holidays or weekends. Be patient and kind as our staff works to service the many people in need during those times.