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Were you thinking about purchasing a furnace last year? Do you notice your furnace is getting up there in age and may not perform through the season? Whatever the case, if you’re thinking about purchasing a furnace in 2020, do not wait. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed the way Americans do business and live their life.

The demand for new appliances is far exceeding the supply that manufacturers can produce during this global crisis. This has led to longer delays than we’re used to experiencing as consumers. If you’re going to need a furnace in 2020, you better start the process now. You do not want to be waiting for a furnace in below-freezing temperatures.

Beyond manufacturing delays, the dedicated team at Sal’s Heating & Cooling, Inc. Plumbing & Sewer is here to help you navigate the process of purchasing a furnace from heating type to sizing, from sizing to add-ons, and of course, make you aware of the deals available to you.

Types of Forced-Air Furnaces

Most people have gas or electric forced-air furnaces. There are pros and cons to each option, ultimately it’s best to consult with a professional to see what will work best for you and how your home is set up.

Both gas and electric furnaces use forced-air heating systems and are controlled by a thermostat. A blower fan forces heated air through the ductwork into the various heated rooms of your home. Cooler air is drawn back through the intake vent to return ducts to the furnace.

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Gas Furnaces

The pros: Gas furnaces are popular in colder climates as they offer lower fuel costs with higher heat efficiency than their electric counterparts. They also last up to 20-years with regular maintenance.

The cons: Potential for carbon monoxide leaks, more expensive and complicated installation, and they make more noise than electric models.


Electric Furnaces

The pros: Electric furnaces are less expensive and easier to install than gas furnaces. They’re quieter and can last up to 30-years with proper annual maintenance.

Sizing Your Furnace

Proper furnace sizing has come a long way over the past fifteen years. When we come to your home for free estimate and assessment, we may make load calculations to determine what size furnace you will need for your home or match what you have if it was properly done during construction. What we have found over the past several years is many homes have furnaces that are oversized for what the needs are. This is because there’s been a lot of guesswork going on years prior when it came to sizing.

Like many industries, the HVAC industry is continually growing and adapting to technology and life changes. Proper furnace sizing helps ensure proper airflow and even comfort. Having the right size furnace is not the only thing to provide proper airflow, your ductwork is a consideration. All of which a professional can properly advise you once they have access to view and access your home’s current system.

Add-Ons and Upgrades for Your Furnace

The topic of air quality is more discussed than ever before. Homeowners want to know what they can do to improve the quality of air in their homes. After all, we’re all spending a lot more time there. An affordable addition to your furnace is quality filtration and sanitization products.

A MERV-13 thru 16 filters is going to give you the most filtration. When combined with a UV sanitizing light, viruses and other bacteria are going to have a hard time circulating through your home.

If you are very serious about having the best air quality in your home, you need to take a look at your ventilation. Proper ventilation is the first step in improving indoor air quality.

When you schedule your free estimate with Sal’s Heating & Cooling, Inc. Plumbing & Sewer, tell us that you are interested in improving your air quality and our professionals will help determine what products will work best in your home.

Speak with a Professional Today

The old saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. Don’t wait to contact an HVAC professional this year if you’re purchasing a furnace. Even if you don’t think you need a new furnace, it’s important to schedule your annual clean and check. What if you need warranty repairs made? With manufacturing delays, you do not want to be waiting on parts when it’s cold. Do not delay, call Sal’s Heating & Cooling, Inc. Plumbing & Sewer today! 440-582-4748: Live representatives available 24/7 to take your calls.

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