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Not many people know that Sal’s Heating and Cooling, Plumbing and Sewer offers pool heater repair and replacement in Ohio. If your pool heater is not working, call Sal’s. Get the best deal on pool heater replacement with Sal’s Price Match Promise Plus. We will match the price of any licensed competitor apples to apples, plus, other options may be available.

Pool Heater Repair

Pool heater repair is efficient when you choose Sal’s. No one wants to go too long without a heated pool. A pool is a place you go to cool off, not freeze! The hot summer months create elevated demands for our services, so be sure to call at the first sign of the problem to make sure that your pool heater is working properly when you need it most.

Common Pool Heater Problems

Problems with pool heaters may vary between gas and electric heaters. Gas heaters may have a pilot light issue or an electric heater may have a heating element problem. Sometimes your pool heater won’t reach the desired temperature or it cycles on and off rapidly.

If your pool heater is leaking call a professional immediately. The chemicals you put in your pool can erode and damage the heat exchanger over time. A broken gasket or loose connection could also cause a leaky pool heater. A professional is best equipped to diagnose the problem and complete the pool heater repair. When it comes to heating elements, you want to be sure that the work is done to code for safety reasons.

If the heater is black on top or expelling dark exhaust, these are signs that the pool heater has a buildup of heat while it is running. Contact us 440-582-4748 immediate for this type of pool heater repair. We will work to make sure that the gas pressure is correct and there is adequate air supply to the unit in addition to proper venting.

If you’re finding rust in your pool, there is a good chance it is coming from your heater. We need to replace any corroded heater parts promptly. There is the potential you will need to replace your pool heater.

Pool Heater Replacement Options

If you are replacing your pool heater: Sal’s has options for you. Rheem and Raypack are the trusted brands we put our good company name behind. Both companies manufacture pool heaters to a high standard. They design their pool heaters to provide even and efficient heating throughout your pool. Below is some information about each brand to aid in your decision-making. Remember, reading about pool heaters is not the same as speaking with a professional about your individual needs.

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Rheem Pool Heaters

Rheem pool and spa heaters are unrivaled in terms of features and benefits for seasonal or year-round enjoyment. They are known for setting the bar for service, support, in addition to constructing their pool heaters from quality materials. Rheem pool heaters offer whisper-quiet heat for maximum enjoyment. They boast energy efficiency which helps homeowners save on utility costs related to heating their pools.
Whether you are in the market for a pool heater for your above ground or in-ground pool, Rheem has several sizes to choose from in either gas or electric varieties. Some heater models even offer digital controls with self-diagnostics. We will help you determine the right unit for your needs.

Raypack Pool Heaters

Raypack pool heaters are designed to last. With regular maintenance, they’re known to cause less stress on the homeowner compared to other brands. They are even built to withstand different weather conditions in both gas and electric varieties for saltwater or chlorinated pools. All models are protected with Rayback ProTek shield. This will help protect your investment from corrosion.
Accompanying all of those protections, Raypack is equipped with convenient digital controls. Their models come in standard and compact sizes making them an easy addition to any home.

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Inground Pool Heaters

Inground pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Homeowners are able to keep their pool comfortable and at an enjoyable temperature throughout the pool season with the proper pool heater. In some cases, homeowners can open their pools earlier in the season and are also able to keep them open later, too. In North East Ohio we know that pool season goes fast so being able to extend your pool season and enjoy your pool longer is a major plus!

Be sure to ask us about the Low Nox options we have available for homeowners reducing greenhouse emissions.

Above Ground Pool Heaters

In more recent years above ground pools have become more popular and now there are more heating options to accommodate the market. Adding a pool heater to your above-ground pool can provide you with precise and accurate water temperatures to relax in. Models come in gas or electric with same-day installation available in some situations. Adding a pool heater will give you the ability to comfortably use your pool during the season.

All You Need

Sal’s is all you need for pool heater installation. Not only do we install the heater, but we also run the necessary gas line safely so you don’t have to work with more than one company to complete the job. Don’t freeze in your pool this summer, call Sal’s for experienced and efficient pool heater installation in Ohio. We service the greater Cleveland, Akron, and Canton areas.

Scheduling an appointment is a breeze. Call 440-582-4748 and schedule your FREE estimate. An experienced representative will meet you during the designated time frame to analyze your needs. From there they will provide you with the options best suited to your needs.

If you have an existing quote, be sure to show your Sal’s representative. As long as your quote comes from a licensed professional HVAC or Plumbing company, Sal’s will match it apples to apples, PLUS other options may be available. Contact Us Now.