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Once again our overstock is your chance to save big money on America’s trusted air purifier brand: Aprilaire. These whole-home systems are perfect for people with allergies as they trap and capture pollen, mold, bacteria, and fungi, in addition to preventing dust build-up (which also maximizes the life of your HVAC equipment), improves energy system by keeping your system clean, and the Clean Coil Guarantee provides peace of mind. Aprilaire is so confident they’ll keep your system clean, should your new indoor air condition coil require professional cleaning in the next 10-years, they’ll put $100 toward it.

Control Your Entire System From Anywhere

That’s right, with Aprilaire Wifi Programmable Thermostats you can control your whole-home system from anywhere. With an app for Apple iOS and Android you could be at work and your house could be warming up on your way home. It’s smart technology learns your habits and makes scheduling a breeze. It even features Event-Based Air Cleaning and Humidity or Ventilation Control.

Aprilaire Partners with the American Lung Association

In January 2020, Aprilaire announced their partnership with the American Lung Association. This partnership makes sense because Aprilaire is committed to enhancing people’s health by improving the air quality in their homes.
As the leading organization working to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease through education, advocacy, and research; the American Lung Association is focused on raising awareness for indoor air quality.
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