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Home automation with Nexia™ simplifies your life by making sure your home is safe, secure, and comfortable for your family.

Expand control of your home with Nexia™ Home Intelligence.

Connect to your home and your family with one app:

  • Control the temperature remotely
  • Monitor security and cameras
  • Control your lights
  • Connect your appliances
  • Alerts straight to your phone
  • Schedule changes in climate
  • …And more

We'll Help You Build Your Ideal System

with Nexia™
The experts at Sal’s will eliminate the guesswork of setting up your own system.
We’ll factor in your existing appliances and home technology, budget, and the
overall goals for your home when building the right system for you.
And there is no rush to add everything at once. The great thing about Nexia™ is
that you can add on as you grow!

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