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Industrial & Commercial Indoor Air Quality

Commercial indoor air quality is simplified with Sal’s Heating & Cooling, Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. The more people that go in and out of your facility, the more potential for contaminants to enter the air. As long as you and your staff take proper precautions such as properly storing food, not using harmful chemicals, and other recommendations suggested by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), you’re making excellent first steps to improving the air quality in your workplace.

For commercial indoor air quality to truly improve, you need to speak with a licensed heating, venting, and cooling (HVAC) technician.

Proper Ventilation

It is imperative that your establishment has proper ventilation, no matter your industry. Ventilation is the first and most important step to improving commercial air quality. The more frequently stale air is pulled out and fresh air cycled in, the better.

8140 fresh air ventilator

Industrial Filtration

While many people understand the importance of replacing filters in their homes, sometimes work environments can be overlooked. Especially ones without a dedicated maintenance team! When it comes to commercial HVAC, filtration is important.
Filtration plays a vital role in stopping the circulation of particulate matter in your building. Depending on your industry, the grade of filtration may vary. For example, a mortgage office is not going to have the filtration demands as a manufacturing warehouse where materials are being cut and processed.


Commercial Air Sanitization

We carry several products that sanitize their air passing through in seconds. Some products have been tested and found to inactivate SARS-COV-2 in seconds! Just imagine what they do to other bacteria and pathogens.

The added benefit to air sanitization that comes with UV lights is that they keep your coil clean, which prevents a lot of common problems with your HVAC equipment overtime due to buildup.


Humidification is a major factor in preventing the spread of viruses via the air. Hospital studies have routinely found that humidification is critical to creating a sterile environment in a healthcare setting. For companies interested in making it more difficult for pathogens to spread through the air, especially during cold and flu season: contact us today.

Proper humidity doesn’t just help people, it also ensures your furniture, floors, and other equipment look and operates better. For example, dry air in a heated environment can crack wood! Protect your asset with proper humidification today.

All Of Your Industrial & Commercial HVAC Needs

Indoor air quality is an important part of the puzzle in creating a healthy and safe work environment. Contact Sal’s Heating & Cooling, Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. today to learn more about improving the indoor air quality of your workspace.