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Aprilaire Ventilation Systems

The Aprilaire full line includes Energy Recovery Ventilators, Fresh Air Intake Ventilation, Ventilation with Dehumidification, and Ventilation Control. Aprilaire delivers industry-leading, whole-home solutions for ventilation by combining effective air delivery methods, and convenient controls. At Sal’s, we understand the extremes of Ohio’s climate and how our geography impacts these systems. We prefer Aprilaire’s products over the leading competitors because of their unique geographical considerations in their product design. The quality of ventilated that comes into the home is impacted significantly by the climate conditions. Aprilaire ventilation systems work with HVAC equipment to remove harmful particulates and other air contaminants, in addition to removing moisture. We want to make sure that your air is not only fresher, but delivered efficiently and economically. Clean indoor air is critical to a healthy living environment.


Whole-Home Air Ventilation Systems

Many factors contribute to negative health and comfort in a home. Trapped moisture, fumes from chemicals, and strong odors are a few good ones to name. When you install a whole-home ventilation system you replace stale air with much needed fresh air. They’re a great way to improve the air quality in your home!