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If you’re wondering: Should I cover my AC for the winter?

Do not cover your air conditioner aka AC over the winter. Air conditioners are made to be outside and withstand freezing temperatures. When you cover your AC, it can’t breathe. This can cause dry rot and rust. It will happen much faster than if you left it out for the elements.


Covering your air conditioner for the winter also increases your chances of accidental damage.

The first hot day and someone in your home kicks the AC on, forgetting it’s covered: serious damage will occur.

If you insist on covering your air conditioner then you should only buy one directly from the manufacturer as they are designed to prevent the problems associated with covering your ac.

Preparing Your AC for Winter

As a homeowner, you will want to take the proper steps in protecting your home and appliances. One of the first steps a homeowner should do when preparing your air conditioner for the winter months is to clean it. You want to remove any dirt or dust the has collected in and around the AC unit.

You also want to turn off the power to the unit, and you can insulate the pipes. At Sal’s getting your annual Clean and Check scheduled while you get your furnace scoped before winter is highly recommended. In the circumstances that your unit is better off with a cover remember to only use one from the manufacturer that is designed for your specific unit only. Using one not made from the manufacturer can cause damage to your air conditioning unit..

Preparing Your AC for Summer

Summer is the time of year most of us look forward to the most. While the warm weather is awesome, on the hottest days walking into a perfectly cooled home is a great feeling. .

One of the most important preventative measures a homeowner can take to ensure that the AC unit works properly when they need it to is to have regular maintenance completed. When preparing for the warmer months of the year you want to do more than just clean or change the filler to your AC. With an annual Clean and check, a technician can spot a small problem before it becomes an even bigger one for your air conditioner. More importantly, Clean and Checks help prevent future problems that can occur without regular maintenance. You also run the risk of voiding your manufacturer’s warranty that requires annual maintenance to maintain it. Check with the manufacturer of your air conditioner for details regarding their warranties.

Air Conditioner Repair and Replacement

Air conditioner repair is easy with Sal’s. Our certified and qualified HVAC technicians repair all makes and models of air conditioners. In the event an ac cannot be repaired, we carry a variety of ac manufacturers. We can match you to the brand best suited for your needs.

For the economical shopper that cares about quality, we offer Sal’s Brand air conditioners. Sal’s brand air conditioners are made from quality materials you will not find in the big box stores. They are economical and protected by an amazing warranty.

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