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With the popularity of YouTube and DIY tankless hot water heater installation, plenty of homeowners think that they have the skill of a State licensed, certified, and experienced professional. Plumbing mistakes can be very costly and significantly damage the property value of your home. Not to mention, a faulty hot water heater install has the potential to turn deadly. Recently, we came across a homeowner who was having issues with his unit. Can you tell by the photos that he did the job himself?

Of course, the manufacturer would not honor the warranty once they learned of this. And with good reason! There is no single video that provides you with the knowledge and experience of a trained professional. These are not simple systems for the novice handyman and the manufacturers know that.

If you do not take proper care of your system, why should the manufacturer fix it on their dime? This is why we tell you to get regular maintenance on your HVAC and plumbing systems: scheduled annual maintenance is critical to getting the most out of your warranty (and the longest life of your equipment). For these reasons when it comes to plumbing or heating, venting, and cooling: trust a professional to get the job done right and up to code. It’s a matter of safety and life or death!

DIY Tankless Hot Water Heater Installation Photos:

The idea is that tankless hot water heaters are to be sleek and take up less space in your home. This DIY tankless installation is a reminder of why every homeowner needs to call a professional. Just to name a few things wrong: the gas pressure was starved and not working because they used a flexible appliance connection that was ½ inch and not ¾” hard pipe. Pex lines used improperly, not supported, and faulty electrical connections.

Below you will find a professional tankless water heater installation compared to this DIY job. It is imperative to use professional plumbers.

Hot Water Tank Explosions

While there are safety mechanisms in place to prevent hot water tanks from exploding, it does not mean that they are fool-proof. When unlicensed people install hot water tanks the likelihood of something like this happening goes up and chances are, they don’t have the insurance to cover the damage if it does happen. Gas water heaters, in particular, are highly flammable. One wrong move with the installation could result in an explosion or fire.

Carbon Monoxide Leaks

You can’t smell them and that is what makes it a silent killer. A professional plumber prevents carbon monoxide poisoning by ensuring your system is properly ventilated. Still: always install a CO detector. This step is critical in-home safety and is often improperly carried out by amateur repairmen. It doesn’t matter how many old systems your uncle installed back when, please do not make the deadly mistake of DIY water tank installation.

No Warranty

Your warranty does not often cover amateur installation. Many warranties are only valid if installation occurs at the time of registration. Most online sales and purchases are voided immediately. When the contractor registers the equipment, this tells the manufacturer it was done by professional and proper procedures were followed. Otherwise, a faulty installation could damage the hot water heater or kill you, and why should the manufacturer pay for that?

DIY Can Hurt Your Property Value

Sure maybe you can pull of a plumbing job and save some money now, but is your handy work up to code? Did you pull a permit? When you go to sell your home those mistakes could cost you some major bucks down the road.