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Whole-Home Generators

Whole-Home Generators do more than protect your home and provide peace of mind. Brands like Generac Power Systems have the ability to learn about your energy consumption to help you reduce usage. They’re growing increasingly popular across the country, especially where extreme weather is known to cause massive power outages. Now is a great time to consider back-up a power generator for your home.

Back-Up Power for the Whole House

It’s important to have backup power for the whole house. It is essential during unforeseeable circumstances to make sure you, your loved ones, or your business are prepared for the event of experiencing a loss of power. Electricity is needed for our day-to-day lives in many ways. When the power is out you might find yourself looking for the matches and candles for light, food becomes spoiled, having to charge phones in vehicles, and losing heat or air conditioning could come with health risks to some individuals. Whole-Home Generators will help you in times of need.

With a Generac Power System, it is the largest air-cooled generator available on the market, with the benefit of coming in a compact package. You can also save on your installation and product costs compared to similar units and they also take up 70% less space!


Installing a whole-home generator doesn’t just keep the power on, it adds extra value to your home or business. The average life span of a whole-home generator is on average 20-40 years. Also under the Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit, homeowners are eligible for a tax credit for alternative energy equipment installed in their home.

When using PWRview Generac’s home energy management system gives property owners the ability to monitor and manage home or business energy usage. Ultimately it can help the homeowner reduce electricity bills by up to 20%. At Sal’s, we offer models to match about any budget and are ready to help choose the best one to fit your home’s size and personal needs.


One main reminder for all property owners that are contemplating installing a new whole-home generator is they must get bi-annual maintenance done on their generator. This is to ensure it runs properly when you need it to. It is recommended to have the oil changed once a year also.

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How Do Whole-Home Generators Work?

When your home loses power, whole-home generators sense a power outage and will turn on automatically. Delivering the backup power your home needs because they monitor the electrical feed from your electric company. It will continue to run until utility power returns. They also run a self-diagnostic test and runs once weekly to ensure it is working properly when you need it. The fuel types it runs on are natural gas or liquid propane and sits outside similar to an air conditioner. This is the ultimate choice for a long-term solution and will help ease your mind if power is lost in your area.

Do different models offer more back-up power time?

An average generator running on propane with a 500-gallon tank should run 24 hours a day for over a week before needing to be refilled. It is ideal to have it installed with natural gas though so you have it available anytime without the need to fill a tank. Different models can be less noisy than other ones. That being a plus and your neighbors will thank you for it. Depending on the square footage of your home is one of the main deciding factors in deciding the right generator model needed for you.

Protect Your Home Now

Whole-home generators are an excellent addition to any home with unpredictable, extreme weather. Backup generators will also act as a surge protector and can help to prevent back-feeding electricity from happening that can lead to a fire and be deadly. They also help keep your home’s or business’s alarm system functioning. When deciding to add a whole-home generator to your property make sure you contact and trust only the professionals to do so. Sal’s experts are trained to ensure that your generator is installed safely and correctly.

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