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Things You Didn’t Think to Put on Your Back-to-School List

As Ohioans send their kids to school this time of year, we decided to put together some back-to-school home ideas for our customers and community. Many of us think about the school supply lists, clothes, and sanitization supplies. Let’s talk about some ways that you can improve your home and sense of security this back-to-school season.

Keyless Doorlocks

No more worrying if your child forgot their keys after school with American Standard Home Security starter bundle available through Sal’s Heating and Cooling, Plumbing and Sewer Inc. The starter kit includes 1 lock for your door, 1 bridge device, and 1 light module/signal repeater. The great thing about American Standard Home is that you can start small and continue to add to your system.


American Standard Home uses the highest commercially available level of encryption to protect your home. You will be able to unlock your doors from your phone. If your child forgot their phone and can’t remember their pin to use the entry pad, you will be able to let them in from yours without running home. You can set up unique codes for everyone in your house. You will also be alerted as people come and go.

The wear-proof keypad is backlit for easy nighttime access. The door lock is battery operated with low-battery auto-indicators on the lock and web interface.

Home Security

The door locks are just the start of home security and the peace of mind that comes with it. When you call us to set up your home automation, we can install window and door sensors, surveillance and you can control it from the place.

Worry less if your children have to be home alone for a while after school. Many parents have to work and cannot be home right after school. Home security offers working parents peace of mind and it’s more affordable than you may think!

Healthy Air Systems

For years we have shared the importance of having a Healthy Air Home. Kids bring germs with them wherever they go. When you have a proper Healthy Air Home, germs don’t spread as easily.

Just as many school systems upgraded their HVAC with more frequent ventilation and bipolar ionization to safely re-open this year, we can help you bring these systems into your home! There are many pathways to a healthy air home. Three main components to the best air quality in your home: ventilation, filtration, and humidification.

Upgrading your home ventilation is the best way to rapidly cycle fresh air into your home and get the old, stale air out! The next step is filtration. Filtration may also include sanitization. Sal’s recommends high-quality filters in addition to an air sanitizer or purifier. Once you have improved your home’s ventilation and filtration, then it is time to address proper humidity. When you work with Sal’s, we will educate you about the best products available to keep the air quality in your home healthy! The fall is prime time for colds and flus, let’s make sure your home is clean (including your air).

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Ready to improve the security and air quality in your home this back-to-school season? Don’t forget to ask us about bipolar ionization! Call Sal’s Heating and Cooling, Plumbing and Sewer Inc. TODAY!

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