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Supply Shortages

All manufacturers have been affected by COVID-19 in varying ways. Some were hit earlier than others due to outbreaks in their facilities some were affected later, forcing them to shut down for two weeks at a time abiding by CDC regulations. It slowed down production to a near halt in many factories. Doing so caused a shortage in materials that are needed to produce new ac units, furnaces, and more. In some instances, materials are on as much as an 18-week back-order.

The demand for HVAC professionals is high. Just like several other industries the HVAC industry has also seen a shortage of qualified technicians. Companies are in need of reliable qualified technicians. HVAC schools are working hard to train certified technicians efficiently as fast as they can.

Air Conditioner Shortage

ac shortages

With the summer heat reaching record temperatures all over the US our AC units are putting in the extra work to keep us cool and comfortable. The need for AC repair and new air conditioner installation is in high demand as homeowners are finding their ACs are struggling to keep up with the heat.

Shortages in the HVAC industry are causing headaches all around from the HVAC companies to the consumer. Companies are in a sense literally competing over new AC units. Unfortunately, homeowners are also seeing longer wait times for installations of new ac units. Longer wait times for new homes are common due to the shortages in material needed to manufacture components of the AC units.

Replacing AC

Bigger companies having an advantage over smaller companies in the matter since they are guaranteed to sell and install many more units so manufacturers are more likely to sell the new units available to them. Smaller-scale contractors who do not have access to big supply networks may face difficulties obtaining essential parts for repairs. If you find your AC seems to not be running right it is best to get an appointment scheduled. You do not want to put it off. You might find yourself without ac while the temperatures are soaring, and you could end up costing yourself more for emergency service.

Furnace Shortage

With the unpredictable weather and  fluctuating temperatures Northeast Ohioans know all too well, you never know when you might switch from using the AC to the furnace. Make sure your home’s furnace is ready when you need it. Furnaces are another area of HVAC seeing shortages. If you are planning on replacing your home’s furnace know that you may see a longer wait time due to material shortages causing a delay. Materials like wiring, PVC pipe, sheet metal used to build air ducts and HVAC equipment are all having shortage problems.

Hot Water Heater Shortage

Just like many other industries, plumbing professionals are seeing a shortage of materials needed to manufacture new water heaters. If you have been putting off replacing your water heater you may want to schedule just in case there is a delay on the manufacturer’s end. One benefit of Sal’s is we offer such a wide variety of brands so homeowners are more likely to not have an issue. The cost of materials to manufacture hot water heaters is also increasing. As a homeowner, you can expect to see the cost of hot water heater installation will rise too shortly.

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