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Sal Talks with FP 8-14-2021

Flash and Sal talk about the major changes facing the HVAC industry in conjunction with existing consumer patterns. As many know, the weather in Cleveland is unpredictable. One day you are running your air conditioner on full blast as the unit is trying to keep up with a 90-degree heatwave. The next day, you could be turning on the furnace because the heatwave is over and temperatures are now going down into the ’50s. Going from having the AC to furnace and back can cause problems for some homeowners especially with older units.

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by Sal’s Heating and Cooling, Plumbing and Sewer

Since the pandemic, homeowners can expect possible delays on parts needed to repair their furnace or AC units. If you are in the market for a new installation of either, it is highly recommended to get on the schedule because there is a delay in parts to manufacturer units.

Cost increases have become as unpredictable as the Cleveland, Ohio weather. Expect prices to rise even more than they already have because of the pandemic due to: costs increasing from manufacturers and rising shipping costs. Sal shared that once a shipment container would cost $1,000 is now $20,000. The ridiculous cost increases caused products to sit because no one wants to pay that price to ship.

To avoid delays and living without air or heat, make sure you are staying up with your routine maintenance to ensure your unit is running in tip-top shape. Changing filters regularly is so important and annual clean and checks are a requirement for some warranties from the manufacturers. Learn more about schedule maintenance here.

For the time being, Sal shared that Sal’s Heating and Cooling, Plumbing and Sewer Inc would continue offering deals on Sal’s Brand products. For now, get a new Sal’s Brand hot water heater installed for $999. This deal may not last long due to rising costs. Check our coupons page for details.

If you’re looking for peace of mind during the pandemic and back-to-school madness, Sal asks you to consider air purifiers. You can add an electronic air cleaner that purifies the air and can remove up to 98% of viruses including Corona Virus and bacteria from your home’s air. In certain circumstances, air purifiers might be covered under your insurance when it comes to certain medical conditions someone in the home has.

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