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Ready for a Central Air Conditioner? Installation Guide

When the weather gets hot, you’re going to wish you had a central air conditioner unit if you do not have one already. Central air conditioners are a great way to cool down your house while using less energy than a window air conditioner. If you have a forced-air furnace system, you are eligible for central air conditioning installation. If you have boiler heat, let’s click here to learn about mini splits. If you think that central air conditioning is right for you, continue reading.

When you search “central air conditioner installation”, several Do-It-Yourself articles populate. Unless you’re an HVAC technician, do not DIY install central air conditioning. Most cities and townships require permits for installation to ensure that central air conditioning units are installed properly. These rules exist to keep people safe.

Central Air Conditioning Installation

Central air conditioning installation is an investment that will add value and is more appealing to potential buyers if you are in the market to sell your home. If you own an older home and struggle to keep it comfortable during the hot and humid summer days it is time to start thinking about your options for a new central air conditioning unit. With rising utility costs you are most likely wasting money trying to cool areas of your home with just a window ac unit alone. You will wish you made the choice sooner to update your home with a new central air conditioning installation. There are options available for homeowners needing to add heating and cooling to areas to their home lacking ductwork or areas of your home that struggle to stay at the desired temperature.

What is a Split System HVAC?

Ductless mini splits control the temperature in individual rooms and spaces. With mini splits they give homeowners the ability to heat and cool up to 8 indoor units to only one outdoor unit. They are more energy-efficient than the standard window-mounted AC units. Studies have shown more than 30% of energy consumption is caused by duct losses costing homeowners more on their monthly utility costs. If you are adding an addition to your home these units are a perfect consideration when choosing a source of heating and cooling.

What is an HVAC Packaged Unit?

With HVAC Packaged Units they offer efficient combined units for homeowners whose homes lack a crawlspace or a basement. There are electric or natural gas options available to choose from. This is the perfect option for homes that do not have underground space or that have little indoor space to house these systems. They conveniently house all parts of the system in one metal cabinet. The evaporator coil, condenser, and compressor are together to save space from being used inside. A few other benefits of HVAC Packaged Units are they are quiet and you hear no noise inside due to the units being located outside, also tends to have easy installation and costing the homeowner less to install compared to other options available.

How Much Does Central Air Installation Cost?

Costs for central air conditioning installation vary widely. First, we need to determine the proper sizing for your new central air conditioner unit. Once we know the size your home will need, our staff will recommend models to you. When you shop at Sal’s, we carry the leading HVAC manufacturers, including our own brand of HVAC systems and hot water heaters: Sal’s Brand.

Once you’ve decided on a central air conditioner unit, Sal’s technician will provide you with an accurate estimate. If you have other quotes handy from a licensed professional that’s under 60-days old, we will match the price apples to apples, plus other options may be available! When you get your quote, be sure to ask us about our Price Match Promise Plus! Have your quote handy.

Rising Material Costs: Don’t Wait on Estimates

Rising material costs are not limited to the HVAC industry. The pandemic has caused many challenges for businesses. Do not wait on quotes as material costs change rapidly and as a result we cannot honor the price on estimates older the 60-days.

How Much Time Does Central Air Installation Take?

On average, central air installation by skilled professionals can take about 4-8 hours to complete in most cases. The contributing factors when determining how long it takes depend on the size of the home or building, the location of the install. The type of installation meaning is it a simple change out or does the ductwork need to be replaced, and the exact type of unit are also major factors. Homeowners can expect at least one day of work when it comes to a new install but in some cases, it can longer some up to 3 days. Contact a trusted expert to get more details for an exact time frame for an installation.

Other Central Air Considerations

When selecting a central air conditioner unit and HVAC company to complete the work, you want to hire a company you trust. Sal’s is a family-owned and operated HVAC company established in 1975. We look forward to earning your business!

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