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Not All Warranties Are Created Equal

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These days anyone can hop online and find the “best price” but what they fail to research is what is the “best deal.” When you get a cheap system from a big box store what those companies fail to tell you is how manufacturers modify their products to lower the cost for the store to improve their profit margins. When you compare the product a company like Sal’s carries, we will show you point by point how the quality we use is not only superior but backed with warranties.

Did you know that some of our private label Sal’s Brand systems are backed with a lifetime unit replacement warranty?

Did you know that with our private label Sal’s Brand systems you could save up to 20% compared to a name brand?

Did you know that some private label Sal’s Brand systems Sal’s can offer a factory-backed 10Years parts and Labor extended warranty on the Sal’s Brand HVAC equipment?

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Unlike our competitors, we’ll make sure you understand how to keep your warranty intact! Manufacturers are not going to warranty work if you fail to have regular maintenance performed on your system for example. If you don’t properly care for your system, why should they cover the damage under warranty?

At Sal’s, we pride ourselves on our “No-Nonsense” attitude. We find that it helps customers understand the nature of what we do. Your home systems are not areas to be penny wise and dollar foolish. You need a system that will be dependable for years to come and an honest company to provide this service.

Understanding Warranties

If you’re looking for a new air conditioner, furnace, boiler, air quality system, hot water heater, tankless hot water heater, etc… Look no further than Sal’s. Our representatives will consult with you: what are your needs? What will work best in your home? We’ll review all of your needs and give you the best state of the art options for your home.

The best warranty around comes with our Sal’s A Series. Our private label HVAC systems come with an unbeatable warranty. Contact us today for details.

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Heating, Cooling & Plumbing Maintenance

Take Advantage of Our Comprehensive Maintenance Services

At Sal's Heating & Cooling, we do more than fix problems — we prevent them. Our comprehensive maintenance services keep your building's vital systems operating at peak efficiency all year round. We're pleased to offer heating maintenance for furnaces and boilers, cooling maintenance for air conditioners and heat pumps, and plumbing maintenance for water heaters and sump pumps.

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