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10 HVAC & Plumbing Services of the Holiday Season

HVAC & Plumbing Services

Bet you didn’t know that Sal’s has gift options? For something practical and unique: give us a call at 440-582-4748. Whether you or someone else need HVAC services or plumbing services; Sal’s Heating & Cooling, Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. is here to help you 24/7.

This is a magical time of year, don’t let a heating repair or plumbing emergency turn you Grinch.

#1 Home Automation

Home automation is not just a great gift for your home, but someone else’s too! Some might feel it is too high-tech for them but it is one of the most affordable and convenient additions for your home. You can control your home from anywhere on any smartphone, tablet, or computer with access to the internet. You have the control to turn on and off lights, key-less entry to your home, climate control with your furnace and AC, and more! … And all from your computer or mobile device (as long as you have Wi-Fi).

#2 Air Quality

Indoor air quality is a big part of helping keep your family safe and healthy throughout the year. During the colder months with flu season in full swing helping protect your loved ones is a top priority. Sal’s can help you decide what is the best addition to your home and your specific needs. Whether it be you need a whole home Air Purifier, Air Filters, Air Humidifier, Air Dehumidifier, or Ventilator Sal’s has you covered.

#3 Heating


When it comes to gas furnaces homeowners prefer natural gas heat because it is comfortable, convenient, reliable, and efficient. The heat produced feels warmer than an electric heat pump system. Gas furnaces ranging from 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit compared to 85-95 degrees Fahrenheit with electric furnaces. They last up to 20 years with annual maintenance is performed.


With an electric furnace, they are easier to install and less expensive than gas furnaces. They can last homeowners up to 30 years with proper annual maintenance. They also are quieter when running.


Boiler heat is common among luxury home features such as heated floors and de-icing technologies. Radiant heat will eliminate heat loss saving energy and won’t cycle harmful allergens through your home. Another positive is they are much quieter than a standard unit. Invest in your home and help add more value by upgrading to boiler heat.

Price Match Promise PLUS

Do you already have or are you about to get a quote from another licensed HVAC company? Well with our Price Match Promise Plus we match it apples to apples, PLUS. Other benefits may be available to you also, for example, an equipment upgrade, or additional options to make it worth a second look. Contact Sal’s to find out more about our Price Match Promise Plus!

Price Match Promis Plus

#4 Hot Water Heaters

One of the most important parts of your day to day life is having hot water. Between taking showers, washing dishes, washing clothes, or simply using the bathroom or kitchen sink you are using your hot water unit numerous times throughout the day. Whether you have a traditional hot water tank or tank-less unit Sal’s offers repair services or new installation on both traditional or tank-less units.

With newer traditional style hot water tanks they may operate round the clock but they do so more efficiently, some even boost energy star rating! Are you looking to save space? A Tank-less water heater offers you about 30% more energy efficiency also! Upgrading units will have you saving on your energy bills each month.

#5 Toilet Installation starting at $199*

A great gift for you or someone else! At Sal’s, our goal is to offer you toilet replacement quickly and affordably. We also offer emergency service including on holidays and weekends giving you peace of mind through the holiday season if a problem happens to occur. We have a variety of styles to choose from and can help you choose the best one to fit your needs.

*Toilet deal valid while supplies last.

#6 Sewer, Pipe, and Drain Cleaning

Our full-service licensed plumbers are ready to fix all your commercial and residential plumbing needs. Problems that include clogged sink drains, shower drains, sewer cleaning, a clogged toilet, clogged pipes, drainpipe cleaning, and more. We are here to help assist you with any plumbing problem that may occur with a live representative waiting to take your call 24/7 including weekends and holidays.

#7 Gas Line Installation

If you require natural gas line installation, gas line repairs, or gas shut-offs Sal’s technicians are here to help! They can fix a problem that has occurred or if you are needing a new gas line installed for a new appliance hook up.

If you notice a smell such as rotten eggs, hear hissing/blowing sounds near your gas lines you need to leave the area immediately and call 911 emergency services, then your gas company, and then Sal’s Heating & Cooling, Inc. Any gas leak big or small needs addressed immediately.

#8 Remodeling

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Home improvements can be a tax benefit. Plus: they’re a great way to add value to your home and update your space. Create the bathroom you have always desired or designed the kitchen of your dreams as a gift to yourself this holiday season. Sal’s offers Free Estimates on home remodels! A huge benefit is we have our own plumbers and HVAC ready to complete projects. In other words, there is no need to hire out multiple subcontractors.

#9 Sump Pumps

Sump Pumps have been a common fixture in some homes for years now and are required in new home construction where they are at high risk of flooding. They help keep water out of low-lying areas in your home for example your basement. Improperly working sump pumps can lead to moist basements, leading to mold and mildew growth, and with that all its related health and breathing hazards. With snow falling and melting throughout the season, it’s important that your sump pump is in good working order.

#10 AC

If you’re already getting a furnace, it may not be a bad time to consider an AC. Upgrading your home’s AC unit will save you on energy costs. Help to keep your home at the perfect temperature more efficiently. It adds to your home’s value, quieter cooling, less waste, and better conservation of national resources. Higher efficiency units use one-third less fuel when comparing them to older models.

Contact Sal’s Today For All Your HVAC And Plumbing Needs

Whether you are wanting to gift yourself the upgrades your home needs or you have an emergency that needs to be addressed in the middle of the night Sal’s is here to help. No job is too big or too small. We keep you comfortable no matter the season.

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