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You’ve probably heard about home automation. While some consumers think that it is too high-tech or expensive to add to your life, we think it’s one of the most convenient and affordable additions to your home. When you use a trusted expert like Sal’s Heating & Cooling Inc. Plumbing & Sewer, you rest assured that your setup is compatible with the HVAC system in your home.

1. Control Your Home from Anywhere

With Nexia™ Home Automation you can control all the smart devices and appliances in your home from any smartphone, computer, or tablet with internet access.
Imagine you’re away on vacation in the fall. Suddenly, the temperature drops below freezing, yet you hadn’t set your furnace because it was not as cold when you departed. Luckily, you have the Nexia™ application! With a tap of a few buttons, your furnace starts running and your pipes are safe from freeze!

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2. Added Security with Nexia™

While you’re away, you can control your lighting to make it look like you are home in the evenings. With security cameras installed, you can monitor your property no matter where you are. Want to check in on the kids when they’re home alone? It’s easy with Nexia™.

With motions sensors notify you of activity happening throughout your home. If you connect with your video, the video will record whenever activity is present.

3. Incredibly Convenient

Nexia™ has thought of everything when it comes to convenience.

No more fumbling for keys with keyless entry door locks.

Tired of walking in a dark room and feeling around for the light switch? Check out Nexia’s motion light options.

Is your house freezing and you don’t want to get up to turn the thermostat up? Use your smartphone to control the temperature in your house.

4. Intelligence Like Never Before

Worried about pets and motion sensors? Nexia™ thought of that with Pet Immunity functions. Now your dog or cat won’t set off the alarms, but an intruder will. Please talk to one of our specialists for more information about Pet Immunity functions and how they will work in your home.

5. Improve Energy Efficiency

The application works with your programmable wifi thermostat to efficiently run your HVAC systems. Why does the AC need to work hard when no one is home? Remote access is especially helpful when you don’t have a consistent schedule.

6. Peace of Mind

If you’re at work and your hot water tank starts leaking, you’re alerted right away! With instant notifications, you can act quickly and hopefully prevent water damage from the surrounding areas.

Forget your keys? With keyless entry, quickly unlock your doors. When you have keypad locks, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your keys. You can also view when family members enter and exit using their unique keys!

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