Video Camera Pipe Inspection

A video camera pipe inspection offers our customers peace of mind because we can show them what is causing their clogged line. Using state-of-the-art flexible fiber optic camera video equipment, CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), that “channels” through your pipes, we visually inspect the inside of your sewer lines for the causes of your clogs and/or leaks.

This type of camera system allows for almost every size pipe to be inspected and is often the best method to accurately diagnose and locate sewer and drain line problems.

Is A Video Camera Pipe Inspection Possible At Your Place?

In order for us to perform a video pipe inspection, the pipe must be accessible for the camera to pass through and the drain must be open to properly diagnose the area that is faulty.

What Happens When The Camera Finds The Problem?

Once the camera reaches the problematic area, then it can be repaired and more length of the pipe or sewer can be inspected. Cameras not only assist our expert plumbers in diagnosing sewer and drain problems, they also serve to inform customers visually of sewer and drain problems and then confirm the value of proper services they have received.

When Should I Get A Video Pipe Inspection

CCTV drain and pipe inspections should always be performed when purchasing any type of real estate.

For residential properties, inspection of a home’s pipes and sewer including the main sewer line to the municipal sewer system, can prevent costly future repairs and routine blockages. Sewer inspections are just as important as structural, plumbing, HVAC and electrical system inspections. The sewer deficiencies inspected can be discovered prior to the property purchase. If you are the homeowner and would like your current home or future home’s pipes inspected, call today to schedule a video camera pipe inspection.

For a commercial property, a video camera pipe inspection can reveal corroded or deteriorated pipes as a result of past manufacturing processes. Restaurants and bars often have corroded pipes caused by the disposal of soft drinks (acidic based) products. Commercial floor cleaners and sanitizers can also have corrosive effects on plumbing systems. CCTV pipe inspections can identify under floor plumbing layouts for future new connections. Inspection of floor drains can reveal decay or breakage at the base of the trap allowing wastewater to drain into the soil. If you are the business owner and would like to have your pipes inspected with our CCTV of your current business or future business, then call us today to schedule your video pipe and drain inspection.

Call today to have your sewer and drain lines inspected  by our expert licensed plumbers. Sal’s provides fast, dependable and professional plumbing installation and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.