Commercial Residential Furnace & Air Conditioner Installation photo gallery

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“Came early, very professional… Very impressed with the whole process here from Sal’s.
It’s a big day, man when you get a new toilet. If your toilet ain’t right, your life ain’t right.” – Tony Rizzo


Birchwood Party Center 15 ton rooftop unit HVAC system installation
Sal's Heating and Cooling was called upon to install a 15 ton RTU for the Birchwood Banquet & Party Center
Lifting the large HVAC system onto the rooftop
A safe lift of the 15 ton roof top HVAC unit
1 HVAC unit in the air the others on the trailer
Several HVAC units were required to satisfy the spec for the heating and cooling needs of the party center
Rheem 15 ton HVAC installation
Packaged roof top units installed by Sal's expert HVAC technicians
15 ton RTU installation
Cleveland HVAC roof installation
The retrofit of the new HVAC system
In addition to the curb adapter, the new ducting is in place and ready to be attached to the existing system
Rheem 15 ton RTU
The 15 ton roof top HVAC unit awaits a lift onto the roof
Air conditioning and heating duct work
You can see the duct work protruding below the heating and air conditioning unit that is used to conduct the conditioned air into the party center
Careful positioning of the new HVAC unit on the roof
2 cranes were needed to lift all of the HVAC equipment into position on the roof of the party center
HVAC technicians for installation of the 15 ton RTU
Sal's brought a large crew of HVAC technicians for this large heating and cooling job
Prepping the HVAC curb adapter for the roof top installation
Sal's HVAC tech is preparing part of the equipment for the installation on the roof top
HVAC curb adapter ready to be fitted
This retrofit of the heating and air conditioning system required a curb adapter to be installed on the rooftop beneath the new replacement HVAC unit.
Last HVAC unit is ready to go for a ride
The last of the HVAC units is waiting to be lifted after the curb adapter is installed