Commercial Residential Furnace & Air Conditioner Installation photo gallery

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Tony Rizzo Gets a
New Gerber Viper Toilet!

“Came early, very professional… Very impressed with the whole process here from Sal’s.
It’s a big day, man when you get a new toilet. If your toilet ain’t right, your life ain’t right.” – Tony Rizzo


12,000 cubic foot per minute exhaust fan
Sal's crew is positioning part of the shroud for the large exhaust fan on the roof of the Rumpke Garbage Disposal facility.
Comercial exhaust fan installation
The exhaust fan hood installation is nearly complete.
Roof top exhaust fan installation is no problem for Sal's skilled craftsmen!
Slightly different view of the installation of the rooftop exhaust fan at Rumpke's disposal facility.
Clean, neat installation of the 12,000 cfm exhaust fan
Even on a roof top unit, Sal's heating and cooling technicians take pride in their work.
This high velocity exhaust fan install is nearly finished.
Great care is taken here to protect the metal roofing during the installation of the new 12,000 cfm commercial exhaust fan
High volume exhaust fan side view
This high volume exhaust fan installation is nearly complete. Now the clean up begins.
New high quality materials are used to seal the ducting for the exhaust fan
Attention to detail here on the vent hood for the commercial exhaust fan.
Interior duct work for the commercial exhaust fan
Custom ducting of the new commercial exhaust fan system.