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Tony Rizzo Gets a
New Gerber Viper Toilet!

“Came early, very professional… Very impressed with the whole process here from Sal’s.
It’s a big day, man when you get a new toilet. If your toilet ain’t right, your life ain’t right.” – Tony Rizzo


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Commercial Rooftop HVAC installation in Sagamore Hills, OH
This RTU retrofit installation is done and ready to go!
Electrical junction box
New HVAC system installed with electric and plumbing
New roof top heating and air conditioning system installed
The rooftops of Sagamore Hills never looked so good with this new HVAC system installation!
Twin 4-Ton Goodman Commercial Rooftop HVAC units
You can see both of the new 4 Ton heating and cooling units Sal's installed here in Sagamore Hills at Mexico Viejo Mexican Restaurant.
One of the 4 ton HVAC RTUs installed
This package unit contains both heating and air conditioning for the restaurant in Sagamore Hils, OH
The new heating and AC system install in Sagamore Hills
Another view of the new commercial heating and air conditioning system installation
Replacement of existing AC and Heating unit
Sal's is able, in many cases to use some of the existing components of the old HVAC system with the new installation
Save on HVAC systems!
As always, Sal's technicians place a sticker on all of our heating, air conditioning and plumbing installations with our contact information in the event you need to call us for any reason. How about a $75 bonus for an air conditioner trade in!