Commercial Residential Furnace & Air Conditioner Installation photo gallery

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Tony Rizzo Gets a
New Gerber Viper Toilet!

“Came early, very professional… Very impressed with the whole process here from Sal’s.
It’s a big day, man when you get a new toilet. If your toilet ain’t right, your life ain’t right.” – Tony Rizzo


New HVAC installation in Parma, OH
Sal's Heating and Cooling was called in to do the heavy HVAC lifting here at Bob' Big Boy in Parma, Ohio!
Rating: 5.00
Rooftop heating and cooling installation
For the renovation at Bob's Big Boy there was a lot to do including removal of the old systems and installation of the new HVAC system.
Roof top air conditioner and heating system installations
As part of the renovation team, Sal's crew made sure the new HVAC system not only was leak free but didn't cause any roof leaks too!
Heating and Cooling system installation in Parma at Bob's Big Boy Restaurant.
You can see from this angle the scope of this HVAC project.
Furnace and Air Conditioning removal at the work site before the new HVAC systems are installed.
Part of our work involved the removal of the old heating and cooling system.