Commercial Residential Furnace & Air Conditioner Installation photo gallery

ESPN’s Radio Talk Show Host
Tony Rizzo Gets a
New Gerber Viper Toilet!

“Came early, very professional… Very impressed with the whole process here from Sal’s.
It’s a big day, man when you get a new toilet. If your toilet ain’t right, your life ain’t right.” – Tony Rizzo


Residential sewer main replacement
Proper fall or sloping of the sewer pipe from your house to the sewer connection is critical. Sal's follows all of the local codes for sewer line installation.
Tree roots clogged your sewer pipes?
Sal's experienced plumbing technicians can determine if your sewer main can be cleaned. If it is impossible to clear a clogged sewer pipe, we can excavate and install a new sewer main line.
Sewer drain line replacement in the Cleveland area
Here Sal's safety conscious crew places a shoring device to protect all workers entering the trench excavated for the new sewer line installation.