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Dairy Queen Bedford Ohio new HVAC installation
Sal's is proud to install a new heating and AC unit at Dairy Queen in Bedford, OH
New heating and cooling unit ready for a lift!
The new HVAC system is ready for Sal's technicians to begin the installation.
New HVAC unit is ready. The old heating & cooling unit is coming off the roof!
Removal of the old heating and cooling unit is performed before the new HVAC unit is lifted off the truck
Sal's crew lifting the old rooftop HVAC system off the roof.
Making progress with the removal of the old heating and cooling system.
Old HVAC unit removal
Almost done with the removal of the old heating and cooling unit.
Alright, let's pick this HVAC unit up!
Sometimes we get impatient but Sal's wont let that rush them into making bad decisions and ignoring safety
Out with the old, in with the new HVAC unit!
Getting ready for the big lift of the new HVAC heating and cooling unit.
Here it goes!
The new heating and cooling system is on it's way to be installed.
The heavens are shining on the new HVAC unit
Carefully and most of all safely... That is how Sal's technicians work when performing potentially dangerous work.
Air conditioned comfort for DQ customers and employees
Wont be long until the climate control systems are working here in the Bedford DQ!
One tall crane!
We had to turn the camera on it's side to get the whole crane lifting the new HVAC unit on to the rooftop!
All clear, job completed safely
The HVAC technician on the roof signals everything is good on the roof top AC and heating system lift.
Sal is pleased with the HVAC installation job!
This HVAC removal & installation job is well underway now.
The heavy lifting is done!
The crane truck is finished and the old HVAC removal is complete.